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The Western Montana Walk to Emmaus
welcomes you to its website!

We are a Christian community made up of people from many churches in
western Montana from Dillon to Libby and east to the Rocky Mountains.
Emmaus, Chrysalis, Face to Face, and Journey to the Table, the Emmaus family of program ministries,
are changing lives and changing the world. Watch the year end video to find out how!
A You Tube video from Walk to Emmaus in Africa


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Our 72-hour Walk to Emmaus weekends are held each April at a retreat center on
beautiful Flathead Lake near Lakeside, MT.
Our goal is to develop Christian leaders and revitalize a participants faith.
Click here for more information on the Walk to Emmaus

You are invited to join Walk to Emmaus Weekends
Men-April 20-23, 2017 - Pat Mahoney, Lay Director
Women-April 27-April 30, 2017, Barbara Blanchard Mahoney, Lay Director
Walk to Emmaus Pilgrim Applications are on the Team Page.
If you would like to be sponsor and recommend someone for the Walk to Emmaus
read over the Sponsor's Packet for instructions on how to do that.

If you would like to help make the weekend a success turn in your application now!
Applications for volunteers and team are available on the Team Page.

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FAce to Face


We are beginning a new retreat for older adults called "Face to Face Encounter with Christ"
The third one will be held in September of 2017 in the Flathead Valley.
More information....

Click here for an application if you would like to attend this Face to Face Encounter with Christ.

Applications for clergy and team are available on the Team Page

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Bitterroot Valley- Oct. 9 Covallis UMC, 5:00
Soup and Bread provided, dessert potluck
Flathead - Oct. 16 Lakeside Chapel, 6:00 - 8:00 Potluck dinner
Missoula - Oct. 21 Garden City Church, 6:00 - 8:00
Soup and Bread provided, dessert potluck
Highway 90 Corridor- October 23 Superior UMC, 5:00 Potluck dinner
More Gathering information


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The Newsletter is emailed out to those with an email address
and sent by USPS to those who requested delivery that way.
Please send us any changes or
request to be removed from the database by clicking:email
Current Newsletter



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Table of Contents:

Agape from our Walk to Emmaus Community to yours

Agape Face to Face Encounter with Christ

Applications for Clergy, Team, Pilgrims, Volunteers on Team Page

Articles for your church newsletter

Board Members

Bylaws - Western MT Walk to Emmaus

Camp website
What to bring and Directions

Daily Devotions

Face to Face Encounter with Christ

Fourth Day Prayer Groups

Fundraising Opportunities

Missoula - July 9th BBQ at the home of Dean Reese
Fall Picnic September 17th.
Flathead Valley meets the 3rd Sunday of each month.
Missoula and the Bitterroot meet Quarterly.


Prayer Vigil Sign up

Recipes from the Women's Walk 2014

Scholarships - Team and Pilgrims

Sponsor Guidelines and Tips

Team Selection and Applications

Update your personal information


The Townsend Community Cross

Walk to Emmaus Community Finder

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The Townsend United Methodist Church has constructed, planted and dedicated a large white cross on private
property just outside of the city limits. Read the story of how the cross came to be and be inspired to put a cross in your community.

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cross Fundraising Opportunities

You can help support the Walk weekend by volunteering
To sell Herberger Coupon Booklets in the fall and winter
Missoula contact John Farley 363-9666 (h) 369-6930 (c) or
Flathead contact Melanie Mellgren Sidmore 261-6697.

You can also simply donate to the Esther Angel Scholarship Fund by sending a check to:
Walk to Emmaus / P O Box 7676 / Missoula MT 59807-7676

If you would like to make an ACH /electronic donation to the Western Montana Walk to Emmaus
you can request information to do a bank to bank transfer
by emailing the Treasurer at WalktoEmmausMT@gmail.com.
Automatic bill pay can also be used and the check can be sent to P.O. Box 7676, Missoula MT 59807-7676

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Do you need to update
your street address, phone or email address?
We email out our newsletter and news regarding the Western Montana Walk activities.
You will find a copy of the most recent newsletter on the
Newsletter page of this website.

Please send us any changes or
request to be removed from the database by clicking:email

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Click here for the location and contact for the Gathering in your area on the Upcoming Events page
Lakeside/Kalispell meets monthly, Missoula and the Bitterroot will meet quarterly

Everyone who has gone to a Walk is encouraged to join a small support group.
Reunion Prayer Groups are listed on the Upcoming Events page.
These groups are a great way to share where you saw God during the week and
be accountable for living the best Christian life you can.
The love felt during the Walk is found in these small groups.

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Western Montana Walk to Emmaus Bylaws
A complete set of bylaws can be seen by clicking 2015 Bylaws.

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Looking for a Walk to Emmaus Community nearer to you?
Click on the Community Finder


Billings Walk to Emmaus website:

Helena Walk to Emmaus website:

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Coming to Western Montana each spring: The Walk to Emmaus...

What is Emmaus?

The Walk to Emmaus is a spiritual renewal program intended to develop servant-leadership skills for use in the local church and to strengthen the discipleship of church people by the Upper Room. The Walk is not an evangelistic outreach to the non-believer. It is intended to inspire, challenge, and equip local church members for Christian action - in their homes, churches, workplaces, and communities. The men and women walks will be held separate weekends at the Presbyterian Glacier Conference Center on Flathead Lake. You will enjoy 72 busy hours of singing, learning, laughing, praying, worshiping, and participating in small groups.

Why have segregated events for men and women? Aside from being able to have the space to revisit our own individual relationship with God and to express ourselves as individuals, having separate events for men and for women offers single and married participants freedom for expression and sharing that some may not feel appropriate in the company of the opposite sex. This arrangement also gives men an opportunity to express natural emotion—something that many are reluctant to do in mixed company.

Some important concepts to remember about Emmaus:

For more information from the Upper Room click on the blue letters.

Source: The Emmaus Library, Walk to Emmaus

By Stephen D. Bryant, Upper Room Books, Nashville

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Prayer Vigil Sign up

Would you like to support other Walk communities by praying for them?

Sign up online for the 72 hour prayer vigil Prayer Vigil praying

Click here to see a list of other Prayer Vigils that need your help.
Worried about the time difference? Click on: World time converter

Need suggestions on what to pray for during your prayer vigil?
Click on: What to pray for during a prayer vigil

What to Bring to Camp
You will need to bring your own bedding, (the beds are king twin), personal care items and medications,
towel, flashlight, umbrella and if you wish, your favorite Bible.

We recommend comfortable clothes and shoes. Jeans are just fine although Sunday you may want to wear slacks for the closing.
The weather at this time of year can be unpredictable, layers are advised, and a rain coat may be needed for walks outside.

Directions to Camp


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